Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Time to Love by Barbara Cameron Review 66

Jenny had been through the worst war could offer. Although she was not a soldier, she still had been severely injured by the IED that had been thrown at her as she reported on the plight of children in the midst of a war.
She felt like she had lost everything, her Looks, her ability to move and speak easily and fluently, and her career.
She was crippled and shattered. All she could think about was getting to her grandmothers home to hide from the world and her problems. After her Mom had died, her Amish grandmother's house was her summer retreat, where she felt loved and peaceful. A tiny part of her wondered about Matthew, the Amish boy who had been her close friend as a teenager and the tentative kiss they had shared before she left that last summer.
Would she find that same sense of peace and safety now? Enjoy Jenny's journey as you follow her struggles to find her place in her new reality and learn to trust in Gods plan for her.
ISBN# 978-1-4267-0763-6