Monday, April 30, 2012

The Shadow Side by Linda Castillo, review #53

The Shadow Side by Linda Castillo
Adam thinks his life is effectively over. His partner and his wife have betrayed him, while he was recovering from an on the Job traumatic Brain Injury. He still has crippling migraine headaches, moments of rage and dizziness that he is sure may never go away. He figures his career as a cop is over so hew might as well drink. then comes the knock on his door. His brother and sister-in-law are dead. The cops think it's an open and shut case of murder suicide. But Adam knows better. He starts out to prove his brother didn't do this, couldn't have done this! He would never kill his wife and their unborn child! As he investigates, a new drug keeps coming up in similar brutal crimes..Valazine. He compiles the research he has done and sets out to prove to the link to the scientist who is about to win an award for developing it. Eli Barnes is sure this violent, dangerous man is mistaken...but when she sets out to prove him wrong, things start to happen...dangerous things. An action packed, edge of your chair sort of book that will keep you reading. I literally read it in one day. Won't give away the will have to read it for yourself!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OOPS! Reviews 51+52

As I was reviewing my reviews, I noticed 2 duplications in the they are designated by a "b" and this will catch us up to where we should be. I spent a month in the San Francisco area,working on stuff for the Black Rock City Department of mobility ( ) We still need to do major fundraising! Therefore, I will be catching up for the next few weeks, you might see more of the kids books I review for my 3 year old granddaughter. I'm always looking for something different both for her and for me. I had a chance to see a bit more of the "Steam punk" art while I was up north and look forward to reading more Steam punk books. I really enjoyed the couple I have read so far. If you have read the book I've reviewed, feel free to add your comments. I enjoy seeing how different peoples tastes are in the books they read. I read the "Site Watch" Forum on the site for the same reason. One person says "I hated it, it was the worst book I ever read! Don't read this book unless you plan to roll your eyes and sigh a lot." and the next person says "I liked it, I thought the heroine was fun." So, ya just never know!
I've made it past the half way point and can't wait to see where I end up!

Twelve Dresses one Star A Silly Picture Book About Being Who You 50

Twelve Dresses one Star
A Silly Picture Book About Being Who You Robert Stanek
Sweet little book about being yourself. No matter how you feel or what you wear. If you are yourself, you are a STAR!!! Fun colorful illustrations show the little girl who stars in the book with different dresses, different emotions, but always, herself. May need some explanation for the youngest kids. Good, positive message.


Tweet! 49

Tweet! by Rebekah Matthew
A cute sweet little e-book. Simple, bright childlike illustrations are appealing. Babies to early readers should enjoy this little book. I know my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter would like it.

What Am I? 48

What Am I? By Jennifer Valentine
A cute easy riddle book for toddlers to early readers. I liked the riddles, simple but easy. The pictures disappointed me a bit, looks like mostly "clip Art" style without a cohesive style throughout. I love books that ask kids questions. It always gives them a sense of accomplishment when they know the answer. When you are reading with them, toddlers just crack up if you guess the wrong answer and love to correct you. A nice little book for younger kids.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

MECHANIQUE A Tale of the Circus 47

MECHANIQUE A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti by Genevieve Valentine
A disturbing place where humans take on metal bones, lungs, and wings. Full of both beauty and terror. Performers that never age, but that in and of itself is a horrible truth to face.
Moving through a world gone wild, with war, and evil and those in the circus mechanique form a warped, twisted family, with the Boss in charge, never showing her soft side.
Through it all...the wings...oh the wings. Beautiful, terrible wings that sing and shine and take over with their own brand of madness.
Like a horrible wreck, you cannot look away. You have to read to the last line, the last battle, the last gasp. Who can ever forget the circus. This is not the circus of your childhood. This is a circus of your nightmares....everything looks bright and sparkly, at first. As you look closer, you notice the frayed edges, the strained looks, the awkward moments that whisper "run now, before it's too late". But it's already too late. You are hooked and must read to the very end. It's well worth the read.
ISBN 978-1-60701-296-2

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Into the 46

Into the Free by Julie Cantrell
Millie is almost ten. She confides in her friend "Sweetie" a big, big tree, her oldest friend "Sloth" the old man who lives next door. Millie tries to protect her mama when her daddy Jack is home from the rodeo, but she's only almost 10. Mama goes away a lot as well, down into her "valley" inside her mind. It's a hard life, sometimes a cruel life, but that's the life she has. She loves to watch the gypsies when they come into town, with their bright colors, sparkling coins and stories, about their queen, their history their paths.
She meets a young gypsy boy and the two share an almost friendship for many years until she is 16 and her father almost beats her mother to death. River wants Millie to go with him, leave this place and travel the country. But she stays and watches her father die and her mother soon follows. Great things and horrible things follow. How will she choose? What road will she travel?
Sometimes tough to read, but worth the effort.
eISBN 978-0-7814-0800-4

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Get 45

Get Fluffy By Sparkle Abbey
Melinda was feuding with Caro, her cousin over grandma Tillie's brooch. That was a given. It should be hers! After all Grandma Tillie had left it to "her favorite granddaughter" and that was HER! Caro was mistaken in her belief that SHE was the "Favorite" one.
Mel was also feuding with Mona, the queen of Laguna Beaches dog loving divas. Caro didn't end up dead, but Mona did!
The annual Fur Ball, fundraiser for the animal shelter was the top of the social calendar for the doggie set. Mel as owner of the local upscale doggie boutique "Bow Wow" had to be there as well as all of the local doggie set. Even Gray, her undercover FBI fiancé was there. Tova Randall started the fight over of all things fleas! Then Mona had to insult my mama! Well things went downhill from there and Mel finds herself embroiled in the investigation of Mona's murder and in possession of Mona's spoiled afghan hound Fluffy as well. Blackmail, secrets, oh yeah, this story has them all. Somehow Mel finds herself in the middle of it all. Much to the displeasure of her fiancé Gray, and detective Judd Malone. Follow alone and see where it all leads.
More funny, suspenseful fun from Sparkle Abby!
ISBN 978-1-61194-121-0

Desperate 44

Desperate Housedogs By Sparkle Abbey
Caro and her cousin Mel both think that they were grandma "Tillie" Matilda Montgomery's favorite granddaughter. That explains the horrible brooch they keep stealing from each other. Perfectly clear..right? Well that's only the first thing that will take some explaining, some amateur detective work and some deduction to clear up.
Caro is the owner of the PAWS clinic, Professional Animal Wellness Specialist Clinic, in Laguna Beach. She caters to an upscale clientele that has issues with their dogs that they need help with. First a client dies right after Cara was with him. Turns out it was murder!
Ruby Point, an exclusive gated community has lots of secrets. Detective Judd Malone wants Caro to keep her nose out of those secrets and his murder investigation! Let's just say our ex-beauty queen, southern gal has not learned to let things go. Not just Grandma's brooch! A great, funny romp! I won't spoil it for you. I know you will love the lighthearted mayhem too. These are people I'd like to know more about!
ISBN 978-1-61194-050-3

Friday, April 13, 2012

Leaving 43

Leaving Lancaster By Kate Lloyd
Holly Fisher never knew her father. He died before she was born, in Vietnam As far as she knows, her mother Esther is her only living relative.
She is about to lose her job, a victim of the bad economy. Here relationship with her mother has always been strained. Now that she's living at home, even more than usual.
She has no idea how much worse things are about to get.
Her mother springs on her, with no warning, that her grandmother, who Holly thought was dead, is alive, sick, and wants them to come home to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
What will Holly and Ester find when they visit "Mamm Anna's" House. What will Esther do when she is forced to confront her past? Will Holly find the large extended family she has always coveted? Will Holly be able to forgive all the lies her mother told her, and all the things she never told her?
This book is a bit different from many "Amish Fiction" stories. It lets us inside the heads of some who have not lived Amish for years and some who never even know what it is to live Amish. A very enjoyable read, with a dash of twists, turns and romance thrown in for good measure. I was a bit frustrated to not find out all the answers, I hope they will come in more books from Kate Lloyd.
eISBN 978-1-4347-0472-6

Monday, April 9, 2012

Star trek FAQ..Review 43b (oops!)

Star trek FAQ by Mark Clark
Having been hooked on the Original Star Trek as a child, I thought I knew a lot about it. Well this book is filled with things I never knew, things I forgot I knew and things I didn't know anyone knew about Star Trek! An informative, fun and interesting read for anyone who has even seen Star Trek and wondered what was behind it. Other shows that had an influence on it, how the various writers and directors affected it, where and how a lot of our most familiar props came into existence. There are tidbits about the "Great Bird" (Roddenberry), what came before and what has come after. For anyone studying American Culture, this book would be a great asset! Even if you are not a "Trekkie" you may find many of the things in this book interesting!
ISBN# 978-15578-792-9

Sunday, April 8, 2012

God Said Not Yet!: One Man's Experience With "Terminal" 42

God Said Not Yet!: One Man's Experience With "Terminal" Cancer by Daniel Edward Neff
A refreshingly matter of fact narrative of one man's battle with cancer, doubt, assurance and faith. Not preachy, just telling you want happened and how. As the years passed on, he truly thought at times it was over, but......God said Not Yet! I enjoyed listening to the telling, and even more the fact that many years out, his recovery is still going strong. How many of us have gotten a "wait" or a "not yet" from God and grumbled against what we thought was unfair? Daniel reveled in Gods "Not yet" for him. A very enjoyable story with verses included