Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ashes by Steven Manchester

Tom and Jason, brothers who grew up rough, pitted against each other by a father who was harsh, cruel and unforgiving.
Now Adults, they do just fine apart, thank you very much!
Then their father dies and when his will is read, they get a shock. They have to travel cross country, to scatter his ashes then return to find out the contents of an envelope.
Two very different men, each scarred in his own way, drive each other crazy as they make their way toward the West Coast. Memories surface, opening old wounds. 
Slowly, they begin to see that they maybe could find a way to connect as adults, in spite of their dad. The end of their quest brings more bitterness. But their new found brotherhood may just survive one more dig from good old dad.
At times hard to read, both mans pain raw and festering, it gives a look into a eventual triumph over a dysfunctional start.