Sunday, March 31, 2013

#28 In His Image by James Beauseigneur

This is the first book in the "Christ Clone Trilogy" Which immediately tells you it will be unlike any book you may have read before. Science has moved forward to the point that a man has created a clone of Jesus Christ! The steps are well thought out, the science plausible. Christopher Goodman could be the re-creation of Jesus? Covering many parts of the globe, many sides of politics around the world. This book will make you think hard about what you believe and what could be possible. For Sci-fi buffs, conspiracy theorists, the religiously devout, all will find something to think about. Everything centers around the Mideast. As this first book draws to a close, Christopher is beginning to show his supernatural powers.
I find it fitting that I finished this book on Easter Sunday.

#27 Sierra's Homecoming By Linda Lael Miller

Sierra Mc Kettrick is coming a home she has never seen, to meet a Mother she has never known, with a Son who could die any day. Wow, what a way to start a story. Part of the McKettrick Women series, Sierra and her Son Liam will be connected to the McKettrick family in ways they could never have imagined! Haunted teapots and picture albums, struggles to stay alive and live with sorrow. Not to mention steaming encounters with Men that are all wrong for the McKetterick Women....or are they? You will be enthralled with Sierra and her 1919 ancestor Hannah, as their stories intertwine. This tasty book will make you want to splurge and devour it in one setting. I know I did!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#26 A Shimmer of Angels By Lisa M. Basso

Reyna is crazy, no really, like nuthouse crazy....she sees Angels! Fresh out of the crazy house, after three years of treatment, in and out of the SS Crazy! Now she's seeing them again! She can't tell anyone, or she'll go right back in. So, she gets a job, goes to school and discovers they are real! As those around her start to die, she has to find out what seeing those guys with wings means..if she's going to save her friends and herself!
As if just being a teenager who's Mom had died wasn't stress enough, now she has to worry about everyone at her school! Doesn't every girl want a drop dead good looking guy? Reyna and two, but it's not all fun and games.
Great story, will keep you on the edge of your seat!

#25 A child Called "IT" by Dave Pelzert

Wow...this is one tough book to read. The first person account of a boy's descent into a hell you can't even imagine. Not in your worst nightmares could you ever conceive of the horrific abuses that rained down on this child for years, and years. Until he had nothing left but a will to survive. The fact that he did, and went on to become a loving father himself, is beyond miraculous. So many people who likely knew something was wrong, and did nothing, and even those who did something unwittingly made things worse. This is a book every teacher, daycare worker, clergy person, coach, anyone who has contact with children, should read!
ISBN# 1-55874-366-9

Saturday, March 16, 2013

#24 The Elephant of Surprise by Brent Hartinger

Russel has two really great friends, Min and Gunther.Each is very individual, but they accept each other for just who they are. Russel is gay, Gunther is a brainy geek (sort of) and Min is well, just Min!
They are dealing with their lives full at the moment with the "Elephant of Surprise"! Is it a good thing? or a bad thing? Or maybe it's both.  A great story of love, lost love, found love and all of life in between.
Part of a Series (The Russel Middlebrook Series) But is a good stand alone story as well. These are kids you want to be friends with, you want them to be happy and you hurt for them when they hurt.

#23 The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Wow! Katness, Peeta,  Gale..What paths they end up in unexpected places. I really enjoyed the ability to keep going through all three books. Once you start, you will never want to stop! Katness, the somewhat unwilling, not too disciplined face of rebellion. Peeta, the sweet, strong boy next door. Gale the teasing, handsome "buddy". Follow them all to places you never expected them to be. Acting in ways you may never have expected them to act (certainly no one in the story did). Absolutely has what it takes to become a classic. I won't spoil it for you with details beyond that, but, trust me, this is one book you need to read!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

#22 Home's Promise by Mildred Colvin

It had been a rough trip across the prairie for Rachel Morgan and her family, as well as the others that traveled with them. It seemed everyone has lost someone. But now, here they were in Oregon territory, starting new lives. Her friend Katie was getting married to Jason Barnette.
Rachel had her eye on Tommy Donovan, Katie's brother, but he only looked at her like a sister. Whay couldn't he see her as more than a friend?
As we follow these families along, they all have their struggles, and joys. They each look to the Lord to guide them as they make the choices that will determine their life's paths.
You will be drawn into their lives, hoping they make the right choices, waiting to see how it all turns out.
Will Rachel lose Tommy to the new gal in town that everyone seems so taken with? Will Rachel end up with their new neighbor Neil?
A wonderful story. Perfect for a cosy winter read.