Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#82 Woman of Courage by Wanda E. Brunsetter

Amanda Person thought she knew what her future would be, it was the night before her wedding and she was so happy. But an unexpected visit from her fiance changed everything. No wedding, no happily ever after, no future in the Quaker congregation where her father preached.
So Amanda and her father set out toward the West to Join a couple in their Mission to bring Christ to the Nez Perce  Indians in the Oregon Territory.
She was worried about her father who looked so tired. He finally was forced to tell her that his heart was failing, he was not long for this world and secured her promise she would continue on without him. She could have never guessed at the trials, dangers and the strengths she never knew she had as she struggles to fulfill that promise!
A wonderful story of a brave woman and her Journey with God toward true happiness.

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