Friday, May 9, 2014

#84 The Hollows Limited Edition Boxed Set, Skeleton Song and Skeleton Lake, by Angela Kulig

Raiden and Conrad are Skeletons. So is Cassie. Their world is strange, foreign, confusing. Don't worry and keep reading. The farther you descend into their world, the more you will understand.
It all has to do with the Lake. 
At first you are repelled, but then you begin to empathise, and later even to understand Cassie. When she dies for the last ache a little. 
When Marlow dies for the first time, you realise, slowly, that she will struggle to not make the same mistakes Cassie did. Cassie is there helping a way.
These books, Skeleton Song is the prequel to Skeleton Lake, are disturbing but fascinating. 
I have never read anything quite like them. I hope you find your way to them and through them. 
I can't wait to continue the story.

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